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Who We Are

ERSKINE PR is an independent public relations firm based in Los Angeles that specializes in entertainment and event publicity, with a strong focus on independent television and film creators. Our clients include award-winning filmmakers, independent television producers, and culture aficionados. 

ERSKINE PR is your guide to bridging traditional resources and skills with innovative creativity so you can be heard.


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“She works tirelessly to reach her clients' goals as if they were her own. It is no surprise that her results are consistently excellent.”


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Frustrated with the traditional entertainment publicity environment fueled by constantly churning-and-burning clients, Emilie Chan-Erskine began working as an independent publicity consultant in 2013, and ERSKINE PR was born.

ERSKINE PR only works with clients we are passionate about. It's your life's work and story. Don't you want to work with someone who is genuinely excited by it?


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