The Frame on Creating the Sound of 'Blade Runner 2049'

What does a fictional, post-apocalyptic future sound like? The Frame sat down with Theo Green to find out...

"This time around, director Denis Villeneuve was at the helm, and he called on sound editor Mark Mangini (who worked sound on "Max Max: Fury Road") and sound designer Theo Green to create a world inspired by the original film, but still completely new.

The film is among the favorites for the sound editing and mixing Oscars when the Academy Award nominations come out later this month.

Frame producer Michelle Lanz sat down with Mangini and Green at their studio to get the inside story on creating the soundscape of 'Blade Runner 2049.'"

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The Credits speaks with Theo Green about Blade Runner 2049

This two part series takes a look at the intricate sound design by Theo Green for 'Blade Runner 2049.' From Bryan Abrams' piece "When you watch a film, what you see is limited to the size of your screen. When you listen to a film, however, the sound escapes those borders and fills your entire world." Read the series below: 

Replicant Vs. Replicant: How Blade Runner 2049’S Sound Designer Pulled No Punches:


Love & Other Illusions: How Blade Runner 2049‘S Sound Designer Played With Our Heart Strings:

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As per family tradition, Tori and Bobby's reception had no dancing or forms of entertainment. Instead, they celebrated their vows in true southern style with a baked potato bar, sweet tea, lemonade, and a lemon blueberry cake that Tori's aunt Kay made."

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indirewire: the Innovative Sound Design of Blade Runner 2049

Bill Desowitz takes a look at the innovative "Sound as Music" in 'Blade Runner 2049' in indieWire.


For the first time, Villeneve had the schedule and budget to prep sound design for “Blade Runner 2049.” He liked the idea of picking up the thread of the original movie, in which Vangelis’ synthesized score was utilized for strange atmospheric sounds as well. “There were a lot of ambiences that sounded very musical, and, at the same time, music that sounds like sound design,” the director said about his sequel.

Sound designer Theo Green came to the shoot in Budapest and recorded a library of sounds, including rain and snow. However, there wasn’t sufficient rain, so he grabbed more in L.A. during post. And snow proved challenging at times. “There were so many iterations of how the snow should sound,” he said. “But we played with the idea of hearing individual flakes falling at the end, and one of the ways we achieved that was by filling a bath with globs of shaving foam.”

For the brutalistic-looking Spinner driven by Ryan Gosling’s K, Green experimented with an old spinning top that hummed. But that was too cutesy so Green went with the more bizarre bullroarer, an aboriginal string instrument, that blended with the engine. He used the top for the sound of the Spinner’s pilot fish drone."

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Variety: Theo Green talks 'Blade Runner 2049'

Variety: Theo Green talks 'Blade Runner 2049'

“Blade Runner 2049” director Denis Villeneuve didn’t want a polished science-fiction soundscape, but instead stressed the importance of nature and the elements to draw in the audience.

“We recorded organic and acoustic sources in the real world and then re-contextualized them to serve the story,” says supervising sound editor Mark Mangini.

Re-recording mixers Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett drove a focused and simplistic track that stripped sounds to their essence. “The desert walk is a perfect example of this,” says sound designer Theo Green. “It’s a study of silence and we sell it by layering melodic bell sounds that feel somewhat lonely, distant and spiritual against this beautiful orange backdrop.”