Emilie Chan-Erskine, Founder

Favorite Drink: Matcha Latte with Almond Milk

Favorite Vacation: Mountains

Aside from Publicity, ask me about: SKiing, office dance parties, Parenting

Emilie Chan-Erskine is a public relations executive with experience developing innovative publicity campaigns utilizing both traditional and digital platforms in the entertainment sector.

Emilie is the Founder of ERSKINE PR. Under this banner, Emilie can offer full-service publicity campaigns to independent creators, as well as niche campaigns to major studios and distributors. ERSKINE PR creates a unique and individual team of publicity experts for each client, ensuring we reach both general and niche targeted audiences.

Previously, Emilie lead publicity campaigns for many film and tv talents including film premiere, awards, film festivals, television premiere, and album release campaigns at CW3PR as Sr. Publicist. Additionally, Emilie has garnered media coverage for production companies and film campaigns at significant markets, conventions and festivals worldwide including Sundance, Cannes, Siggraph, Comic-Con, WonderCon, Annecy, and AFM.

Before CW3PR, Emilie supported corporate publicity for clients including Hyde Park Entertainment and Benaroya Pictures as a founding member of Prodigy Public Relations. She also helped promote theatrical release campaigns for independent distributors Paladin, Variance Films and Four of a Kind Productions and assisted film festival campaigns at SXSW, TriBeCa Film Festival, MoMACanadian Front and Seattle International Film Festival.

Originally from Oakland, CA, Emilie crossed the country to graduate Magna Cum Laude from SUNY. Purchase College, and supplemented her education with courses at U.C. Berkeley and UCLA in French and Public Relations, respectively. In her spare time, Emilie and her family travel to California’s mountain range to ski, hike, relax or throw rocks in the creeks.